Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Excuse Me, I Just Blogged

Hello, peoples and entities of the Interwebz--

Facebook can be a great tool, but, in many ways, it's also a genuine headache that's awfully tough to escape. Because of a strong belief on my part that I'm entirely more productive when I'm removed from the distractions associated with said social network, I've decided to cut myself off (temporarily, at least) from the House that Zuckerberg built. "Idleness" is the word of the day: for me, Matthew 18:9 comes to mind.

I might also have a little paranoia about Big Brother (the government, not the show), but that's an entirely different matter.

Blogs, it seems, could be a much more efficient--and, perhaps, more genuine--way for yours truly to communicate what's happening in the life of myself, Erica, and our soon-to-be-born son. We're excited about the adventure God has planned for us as parents, and we'll be sharing the insights we learn about being a mom and dad with y'all along the way (I'm sure we'll be asking a lot of questions, too).

So, if you're one of our friends or simply want to be kept abreast as to what's happening with the Flowers family, be sure to tune into on a regular basis.

And just in case you're wondering, I'm planning on keeping the movie reviews coming on a weekly basis, too. Yeah, I know you were holding your breath.


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